Bharat Book Bureau announces inclusion of latest report on “Australia and New Zealand – Car theft and insurance”( and New Zealand ranked 5th and 3rd highest vehicle theft risk countries out of 20 key global markets. Australia and New Zealand represent high theft risk markets. The insurance industries in these markets, however, have started taking steps to reduce vehicle theft through public awareness campaigns and discounts for higher security fitment. New Zealand is now starting to follow its Australian counterparts’ lead by considering mandatory immobiliser fitment.

With the onset of potential new legislation and as a part of SBD’s ongoing reporting on global vehicle theft, this new report explains the insurance criteria, describes future developments in legislation and provides a general overview of the situation related to vehicle theft in Australia and New Zealand.

This report will enable you to:

* Learn what the Australian and New Zealand insurance industry’s response is to theft rates
* Plan vehicle security specifications for these markets
* Offer security systems which are compliant with latest legislation and insurance criteria
* Understand how current activities within government and insurance will have an impact on the future requirements for these markets

Table of Contents:

1. Executive summary
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Conclusions
1.3 Overview
1.4 Current situation
1.5 Future changes
2. Australia – Market Overview
2.1 Market situation
2.2 Car theft data
2.3 Theft reduction strategies
3. Australia – Insurance System
3.1 Insurance Association
3.2 Types of insurance offered
3.3 Risk classification
3.4 Vehicle security assessment
4. New Zealand – Market Overview
4.1 Market situation
4.2 Car theft data
4.3 Theft reduction strategies
5. New Zealand – Insurance System
5.1 Insurance Association
5.2 Types of insurance offered

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