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“2010 Deep Research Report on China Software Industry” was published by QYResearch IT Research Center on April 2010. It was a professional and depth research report on China Software Industry. In the report, the following information will be included:

China Software industry overview and development trend

China software market share by application

China operating system database ERP Middleware System Integration software outsourcing etc market analysis and related companies research

China software industry development trend and related conclusions; Finally, we conduct a comprehensive summary of China software industry, including the past present and forecast the future, we also make a feasibility analysis of China software outsourcing project ,we carry out an accurate calculation on investment cost, revenue, profitability, payback period. In a word, it was a depth research report on china software industry chain. And thanks to the China software marketing or technology experts’ help and support during QYResearch IT research team survey and interviews.

Table of Contents:


Chapter One Software Industry Overview

1.1 Definition of Software Industry

1.1.1 Definition of Software

1.1.2 The History of Software Industry

1.2 The Industry Chain Structure of Software Industry


Chapter Two In-depth Study of the Industry Chain of Software Industry

2.1 Basic Science Research of the Industry Chain of Software Industry

2.1.1 The History of Software Programming Language

2.1.2 The Invent Institutions of Programming Language

2.2 In-depth Study of Platform Software

2.2.1 Windows Operating System Microsoft

2.2.2 Mac Operating System Apple

2.2.3 Linux Operating System

2.3 In-depth Study of Tools Software

2.3.1 Tools Software for Application Software Visual Studio Microsoft Eclipse IBM C++ Builder (Borland)


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