Bharat Book Bureau has added this latest report “Global Machine Vision and Vision Guided Robotics Market (2010-2015)” to their extensive collection of market research reports.The report highlights strategic issues like tapping the upcoming markets such as application of vision guided robotics. This includes consolidating strategy, new product development, competitive positioning, gap analysis and identification of opportunities and challenges.

Machine vision is an automated technology where images are captured and transferred to the PC and processed thereafter, for inspection and reporting of the processed results. These systems have increasingly become more powerful while at the same time easy to use. Recent advancements in the machine vision technology, such as smart cameras and vision guided robotics, has increased the scope of the machine vision market for a wider application in the industrial and non-industrial sectors. Asia Pacific market is expected to grow faster. The European market is expected to grow better than the U.S. mainly due to the impact of the recent economic crisis in the U.S.

Traffic and security are the two application areas having high growth potential. The applications such as automatic number plate recognition, traffic flow monitoring, traffic surveillance and other related applications are witnessing more integration and utilization of machine vision systems. In the recent economic turmoil, badly hit application areas such as automotive and semiconductors are witnessing less demand, while medical and infrastructure industries are witnessing steady growth. The report also analyzes the impact of infrastructure slow down on the machine vision market.

The report focuses on machine vision hardware and software included in vision systems, such as those found in smart cameras and compact vision systems. The improvement in this area is a major driving factor for the overall growth of machine vision market. The report also focuses on the fast-growing component markets including cameras, optics, and vision software.

This report covers the impact of machine vision systems and its use in the non-industrial sector. It also measures its impact on the associated machine vision technologies.

Markets covered

The report gives a full breakdown of the entire machine vision and vision guided robotics market on the basis of products, applications, technology and processes. Each section will provide market data, market drivers, trends and opportunities, top-selling products, key players, and competitive outlook.

The major machine vision products covered under the report include:

PC-based machine vision systems
Smart camera based machine vision systems
Vision guided robotics
The industrial application areas include:

Food and beverage
Rubber and plastics
Other industrial
The non-industrial application areas include:

Security and Surveillance
Banking and Postal
Transportation, Traffic Management and Road Safety
Medical Imaging and Lab Automation
Leisure and Entertainment
The global machine vision technology market includes:

Resolution (Progressive scan, line Scan, area scan)
Sensitivity (CCD and CMOS)
Color (Black & white, and colored)
The global machine vision process market includes:

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