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US Aluminum Industry

The country produces over $40 billion worth of products and exports. US-based aluminum companies are the biggest producers of aluminum in the world as well.

Operating in over 35 states through 300 plants, the aluminum industry in the US employs over 150,000 people and has an output of over 25 billion pounds of metal yearly.

The aluminum industry is a significant contributor to the US economy and is an important player in international trade.

Taiyou Research analyzes the US Aluminum Industry in its cutting-edge research offering – US Aluminum Industry.

The report covers the following:

• Analysis of the global aluminum industry along with an industry definition.

• Analysis of the US aluminum industry through market profile, market size, market value, market volume, etc. In this report, the market is segmented according to building and construction, containers and packaging, transportation, and others. A look at the import/export scenario completes the statistical analysis of the market.

• We analyze the industry structure, industry trends and challenges, consumption trends, and the competition in the industry.

• A separate analysis of the following segments of the industry is carried out – raw materials, semifabricated products, and finished products.

• A brief profile of the aluminum recycling industry in the US is carried out along with an analysis of the products of the aluminum market. Products analyzed include alumina, alloys, castings, extrusions, foil, forgings, impacts, ingot, billet, molten, metal, T-Bar and sow, powder and paste, sheet, plate, wire rod, and bar.

• An in-depth analysis of the market forecast includes market value forecast, market volume forecast, aluminum consumption forecast for the US, segment-wise forecast for building and construction, containers and packaging, transportation, and others. Future market trends are also analyzed.

• Six major players of the industry are analyzed, including a SWOT analysis of the two leading players Alcoa Inc and Xstrata Plc. Companies analyzed in the report include Alcoa Inc, Xstrata Plc, Alumina Limited, Rio Tinto Alcan, Century Aluminum Company, and Ormet Corporation.

Taiyou Research’s report is a complete strategic analysis of the US Aluminum Industry.

Table of Contents:

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction to the Industry
2.1 Industry Definition
2.2 Global Aluminum Industry Profile

3. US Aluminum Industry
3.1 Market Profile
3.2 Market Size
3.3 Market Value
3.4 Market Volume
3.5 Market Segmentation
3.5.1 Building & Construction
3.5.2 Containers & Packaging
3.5.3 Transportation
3.5.4 Others
3.6 Import-Export Scenario

4. Industry Structure

5. Industry Trends & Challenges
5.1 Market Trends
5.2 Challenges
5.2.1 International Trade
5.2.2 Energy Use
5.2.3 Preservation of Natural Resources
5.2.4 Aluminum Recycling
5.2.5 Role of Technology
5.2.6 Pollution Control Efforts

6. Consumption Trends in the Market

7. Competitive Landscape

8. Industry Segment Analysis
8.1 Raw Materials
8.1.1 Quality and Quantity of Bauxite
8.1.2 Energy Costs
8.1.3 Increased Supply in World Markets
8.1.4 U.S. Government Regulation and Public Policy
8.1.5 Economic Structure
8.2 Semifabricated Products
8.3 Finished Products
8.3.1 Container Market
8.3.2 Automotive Market
8.3.3 Construction Market

9. Aluminum Recycling in the US

10. Regulatory Framework

11. Aluminum Industry Products
11.1 Alumina
11.2 Alloys
11.3 Castings
11.4 Extrusions
11.5 Foil
11.6 Forgings
11.7 Impacts
11.8 Ingot, Billet
11.9 Molten Metal, T-Bar, Sow
11.10 Powder and Paste
11.11 Sheet, Plate
11.12 Wire, Rod & Bar

12. US Aluminum Market Forecast
12.1 Forecast of Market Value
12.2 Forecast of Market Volume
12.3 Forecast of US Aluminum Consumption
12.4 Segment-wise Forecast
12.4.1 Building & Construction
12.4.2 Containers & Packaging
12.4.3 Transportation
12.4.4 Others
12.5 Future Market Trends
12.5.1 Free Trade
12.5.2 Revival of Aluminum Supply Chain
12.5.3 Sustainability
12.5.4 Production of Recycled/Secondary Aluminum
12.5.5 New Manufacturing Technologies
12.5.6 Electricity Prices & the Aluminum Industry
12.5.7 Requirement of Human Resources

13. Major Players
13.1 Alcoa Inc
13.1.1 Company Overview
13.1.2 Business Segments
13.1.3 Major Products & Services
13.1.4 SWOT Analysis
13.2 Xstrata Plc
13.2.1 Company Overview
13.2.2 Business Segments
13.2.3 Major Products & Services
13.2.4 SWOT Analysis
13.3 Alumina Limited
13.4 Rio Tinto Alcan
13.5 Century Aluminum Company
13.6 Ormet Corporation

14. Glossary

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