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The huge scope of this market in China has made it lucrative for foreign players to venture into this sector. Rapid growth of convenience store chains and supermarkets along with rising global demand will stimulate the growth of sales and exports of this market in China.

The report begins with an introduction to the packaged food market in China along with the various segments. The market overview section gives an insight into the overall packaged food market in China along with its segmentation. It further delves into the regional distribution of packaged food across various parts of China. This is followed by an overview of the retail distribution of packaged foods, its various channels, import distribution channel, entry strategy for foreign players.

Packaged food exports have been covered along with total exports, segmented shares of countries and type of products exported. It also covers the total imports along with their country-wise segmentation and type of products imported.

An analysis of drivers and challenges explains the factors leading to the growth of the market and include growth in retail industry, rising middle class and increasing ability to pay, arrival of food multinationals, changing demographic pattern, changing urban lifestyle and improvement in packaging technology. The key challenges identified are varying consumer behaviour and perception, poor logistics infrastructure, overdependence on urban population and active unorganized market.

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape in this industry and includes a brief profile of the major foreign and domestic players in the market.

Table of Contents :

Page 1: Executive Summary
Page 2: Packaged Food Market – Introduction
Market Overview
Page 3: Packaged Food Market – Overview, Retail Sales (2008, 2014e), Segmentation (2008)
Page 4-6: Packaged Food Market – Regional Distribution
Retail Distribution
Page 7: Retail Distribution – Overview
Page 8: Retail Distribution – Channels
Page 9: Import Distribution Channel
Page 10-11: Entry Strategy for Foreign Players
Page 12: China Packaged Food Exports – Overview; Total Exports under HS Codes (2006-2010), Country-wise Exports (2010), Share of Exports (2010)
Page 13: China’s Export Value of Packaged Food under HS Codes (2006-2010)
Page 14: China Packaged Food Imports – Overview; Total Imports under HS Codes (2006-2010), Country-wise Imports (2010), Share of Imports (2010)
Page 15: China’s Import Value of Packaged Food under HS Codes (2006-2010)
Drivers & Challenges
Page 16: Summary
Page 17-21: Drivers
Page 22-24: Challenges
Page 25: Product Matrix
Page 26-29: Major Foreign Manufacturers
Page 30-39: Major Domestic Manufacturers
Page 40-41: Major Foreign Retailers
Page 42-43: Major Domestic Retailers

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