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Bharatbook added a new Database “Wealth Management Competitor Tracker: January 2011” provides data in PDF format which contains information of Competitors tracked include BNP Paribas, Emirates NDD and Raymond James.

The Wealth Management Competitor Tracker provides expert analysis and opinion on the strategic moves of leading competitors in the wealth management space. Produced on a monthly basis, the Tracker is a global product and covers 100 players across Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East & Africa, North America and South America. Competitors tracked include BNP Paribas, Emirates NDD and Raymond James. ( )

Features and benefits
Gain invaluable information on your key competitors in one concise document, and track long-term trends using the interactive news database.
Sharpen your strategy by implementing the best market, product, competitor and strategic developments of leading global players.
Learn Wealth & Investments Team’s view on the most important competitor developments in the month.

A total of 28 developments were logged in the January. This represents a somewhat subdued performance has increased the number of companies tracked from 53 to 100. However, this can probably be attributed to seasonality, given the Christmas and New Year holidays in many parts of the world.
M&A, partnerships, and organic growth accounted for the majority of activity in January, with 11 developments out of the
total 28. In M&A the key story of the month was the announcement of BMO Financial Group’s acquisition of Lloyds George Management in Hong Kong.
The majority of competitor activity in January originated from North America, which accounted for 32% (nine out of 28) of the total developments. The key story from the region was the announcement of Raymond James’ acquisition of full service brokerage firm Howe Barnes Hoefer & Arnett.

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