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Comprehensive report on “Venezuela LNG Strategy Analysis and Outlook to 2020- Capacity, Trade, Price, Contracts, Expenditure, Competition, New Project, Demand, Supply Trends and Forecasts” is a detailed and complete analyzer of Venezuela LNG markets. The research work provides key LNG operational and growth strategies, business opportunities, trends, drivers and challenges in the Venezuela industry. The industry is compared with its peer markets of Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Qatar and Nigeria through SWOT, benchmarking and positioning matrix tools.

The report provides profound analysis and complete data on each segment of Venezuela LNG value chain including source fields, connecting pipelines, liquefaction plants, trains, storage tanks, jetty and LNG carriers for all the existing and planned LNG terminals in Venezuela.

The research work provides historical and forecasted liquefaction and storage capacity information of all existing and planned terminals between 2000 and 2020. For each LNG terminal, location, operator, trains, technology, ownership, capital investments and construction information are provided. In addition, the report provides the current status of all planned projects including construction, capital investments and feasibility details.

Detailed analysis of Venezuela Trade Pattern including information on monthly LNG trade movements, monthly LNG prices and revenues for 2010 is provided. In addition, annual LNG exports by import country are also provided between 2000 and 2010. All the existing and planned contract agreements (SPA/ HOA/MOUs) signed by Venezuela LNG companies are detailed. Further, spare/ available LNG capacity in the country to 2020 is provided.

The report forecasts LNG trade from 2000 to 2020. It also forecasts natural gas supply- demand along with liquefaction, contracted and storage capacities to 2020. Further, Venezuela LNG capital expenditure is forecasted to 2015.

Venezuela market structure and competitive landscape is clearly described with supporting data on market shares of each company. LNG operations, strategies, business and financial overview of three major LNG producers in the country including Petróleos de Venezuela S.A, Galp Energia S.A and Chevron Corporation are analyzed in detail.

• Venezuela LNG strategies, SWOT analysis, growth prospects, benchmarking and positioning matrix for comparison with Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Qatar and Nigeria markets
• All latest trends and major drivers, issues of investing and contracting with Venezuela LNG exporters
• Historic and forecasted liquefaction, storage, LNG contracted and spare capacities, liquefaction trains and storage tanks to 2020 for all existing and planned terminals
• Venezuela LNG trade forecast along with natural gas supply and demand to 2020
• Monthly LNG trade, LNG export price and LNG revenue data by importing country between January 2010 and December 2010 along with annual data from 2000 to 2010
• All active and planned Sales and Purchase agreements (SPAs) along with purchaser, quantity, duration and delivery details
• Terminal wise location, operator, ownership, start up, technology, construction, capex information and associated fields and tankers
• Venezuela LNG Market Structure, company wise liquefaction capacity information from 2000 to 2020
• Business profiles and LNG strategies of three LNG majors in the industry including Petróleos de Venezuela S.A, Galp Energia S.A, Chevron Corporation are provided
• Latest mergers, acquisitions, contract announcements, trade agreements, terminal expansions and all related news
• An illustrative map of all the existing and planned LNG terminals

Reasons To Purchase
• Make strategic decisions using our in-depth analysis and outlook data on liquefaction capacities, LNG trade and natural gas
• Identify latest trends, drivers and challenges of operating in the industry
• Evaluate pros and cons of investing or contracting in the country’s LNG market as compared to its peer markets
• Enhance your strategy formulation through analytical tools including SWOT analysis, Peer benchmarking and positioning matrix
• Get complete understanding of future LNG markets amidst current uncertain demand conditions
• Formulate best pricing strategies using the monthly export price information of the country
• Compare your strategies with the leading LNG companies’ mid term and long term strategies
• Evaluate planned projects using our feasibility analysis of planned projects and capital investment
• Make merger and acquisition decisions using market share information and latest news section

Companies Mentioned
Dubai Supply Authority, ADGAS, Qatar Petroleum
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