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– Top level overview of the construction industry in Hungary
– Current, historic and forecast market value and trends of the individual markets and categories supported by detailed descriptions of individual markets in the industry.
– Details of top construction companies in Hungary
– News and analysis

This report is the result of ICD’s extensive market and company research covering the Hungarian construction Industry. It provides detailed analysis of both historic and forecast construction industry values at market and category level, analysis of the leading companies in the industry, and an annual review of major events in the industry from the previous 12 months.

– Historical value of the construction industry for 2006-10 and forecast figures for 2011-15
– Supporting text on individual markets and values for categories for 2006-10 and forecasts till 2015
– Profiles of top construction companies in Hungary
– Important industry news

Reasons to Buy
– Gain insight on the Hungarian construction industry with current, historic and forecast figures
– Gain insight into current, historic and forecast industry figures at individual market and category level
– Identify top Hungarian construction industry players along with profiles of all those companies
– News summary

Key Highlights
The Hungarian construction industry registered a significant decline during 2009–2010 as a result of the global economic slowdown. After experiencing an average growth rate of X.X% during 2006–2008, the industry recorded a steep decline due to a lack of activity within the industry. Although the country’s GDP registered an increase in 2010, the Hungarian construction industry continued to decline. Due to a consecutive decline during 2009–2010, the overall construction industry recorded a CARC of -X.XX9% during the review period. With the government aiming to increase investment in infrastructure projects, the market is expected to stabilize in 2011–2012, before following an upward trend during 2012–2015. ICD Research expects the country’s construction industry to achieve a CAGR of X.XX% during the forecast period.

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