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Russia has one of the largest reserves of both oil and natural gas in the world. Being the largest oil producer in the world, the country has a lion’s share in global oil exports, as well as being the largest exporter of natural gas in the world.

With the strong growth posted by the Russian economy in recent years, the demand for oil and gas has continued to grow. The Russian oil and gas industry requires a large amount of investment, particularly for its aging infrastructure. There are many major domestic players that are actively participating in the industry such as Rosneft, Gazprom, Lukoil, etc.

With the Russian government promoting its energy sectors actively, there is no doubt that Russia is going to grow as an energy superpower in the world. Since the renewable energy industry in Russia is largely under developed, the country is primarily dependent on its oil and gas industries for its energy requirements.

In this industry scenario, Taiyou Research analyzes the Oil and Gas Industry in Russia. The report covers the following:

• A profile of the global energy industry including a market overview, profile of the global oil market, global natural gas market, coal industry and other fuels.

• A profile of the oil and gas industry in Europe, which helps to place the growth of the Russian oil and gas industry in respective of other countries in Europe. The section contains an industry definition, market profile, market value and volume analysis and industry segmentation.

• Moving on to the analysis of the oil and gas industry in Russia, we analyze the market through industry statistics, market value and volume statistics, and industry segmentation.

• Competition in the Industry is analyzed followed by an analysis of the major players in the industry. Players analyzed include Gazprom, Lukoil, TNK-BP Holding, and Rosneft.. We undertake the analysis of the major players through a company overview, analysis of the business segments, analysis of the major products and services, and a SWOT analysis.

• Industry forecast is included for the European oil and gas market and the Russian oil and gas market.

Taiyou Research’s report on the Oil and Gas Industry in Russia is a complete profile of this rapidly growing industry.

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