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• Market size and forecast of the Italian interior products industry.
• Current, historic and forecast value and trends of the individual product categories.
• Description of distribution channels and user markets for the interior products industry.
• Details of the top interior product companies in Italy
• business research reports

Future of Interior Products Industry in Italy to 2015: Market Profile provides detailed market, category and company-specific insights into the operating environment for interior products manufacturers and retailers. This report is an essential read for anyone involved in operations or analysis of the interior product value chain, including product manufacturers, retailers, interior designers, raw material suppliers and industry analysts. The report is designed to provide a broad understanding of the interior products industry and specific detail on the performance of the key product categories. The report provides an indispensable source of market size, distribution and end-user segmentation analysis covering the Italian interior products industry.

• Historical values for the interior products industry for 2006-10 and forecast figures for 2011-15
• Supporting text on individual markets and values for categories for 2006-10 and forecasts till 2015
• Analysis of production, trade, distribution and consumption dynamics
• Porter’s Five Forces analysis of the competitive landscapes for manufacturers & retailers
• Profiles of top interior product manufacturers and retailers in Italy

Reasons To Buy
• This report will help to inform your strategic business decisions using strong historic and forecast market sizing data
• This report will help you to understand manufacturing, trade, retail and demand-side dynamics of the Italian interior products market highlighting key market trends and growth opportunities
• This report will help you to assess the competitive dynamics of interior products in the interior product manufacturing and retail sectors

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
1.1 What is this Report About?
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Summary Methodology
2 Market Attractiveness of Interior Products in Italy
2.1 Interior Products Demand – Market Size
2.1.1 Interior Products Demand – Market Forecast
2.1.2 Interior Products Market Size, Total
2.1.3 Interior Products Demand by Product Category
2.1.4 Interior Product Demand Analysis by End User
2.1.5 Interior Product Analysis by Distribution Channel
2.2 Market Trends and Key Drivers
2.2.1 Shift from small outlets to large supermarkets
2.2.2 Immigration revives housing market
2.2.3 Socio-cultural change
2.2.4 Online shopping
2.2.5 Awareness of eco-friendly products
2.2.6 Fusion of traditional design with modern functionality
2.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis – Interior Products Manufacturing

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