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The report contains a detailed study of the dental education sector in India for the purpose setting up a dental college in the country. In the report contains evolution and the present scenario of dental education in India.

For the purpose four cities have been selected these are Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Lucknow as they are the education hubs of the country with scope for dental education. On these four cities a location analysis has been done considering factors like transport, Transport Facility, Lifestyle, Manpower Available, Technology Development, and Dental Awareness. Depending on this the feasible option come Chennai. ” marketing research report ”

The final part is the primary data collected from the market by interview taken from the consulting academics of the dental colleges. The market survey responded that there is minimum scope for any new entrant in the dental education sector as there are already a large number of dental colleges in India compared to the lessened number of student enrollments.

Cost Structure analysis has been done to identify the various cost heads and the city with least overall set up cost. Then an analysis has been done by a 2X2 matrix considering two factors market attractiveness and feasibility. In this the four cities have been plotted in the four quadrants showing the city having maximum attractiveness and feasibility.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
What is Dentistry?
Evolution of Dentistry
Dental Education in India
History of Dentistry in India
21st Century-From government to private dental colleges
Dentist career overview
Dental School Systems and Entrance Examinations
Market structure and market size
Competitive Scenario
List of top 15 dental colleges in India
Profiling of Colleges
Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model
Environmental Analysis
Regulatory Environment
PESTEL Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Locations for setting up dental college in India
Location Analysis
Risk Analysis
Usage Behavior Trends
Cost Structure Analysis
Overall Mapping
Future of Indian Dentistry

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