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The world is currently facing two potentially contradictory developments: that of increasing global energy supply to meet a growing demand for energy; and that of tackling global warming by lowering emissions of carbon dioxide. This situation creates an opportunity for hydropower, which is a low-carbon energy source, capable of supplying substantial quantities of power throughout the world. Visiongain calculates the global hydropower market, defined as spending on new hydropower projects plus spending on upgrades and expansions, to be worth $56.51bn in 2011.

Hydropower is a key component of the energy industry, currently contributing around one-sixth of all global electricity, but likely to play an even more important role in the future of global energy supply as the inevitable shift to renewable energy occurs. This report offers an examination of the hydropower market over the next decade, providing detailed market forecasts for each of the regional markets and offering in-depth analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing companies in the hydropower market throughout the world. ” market research reports ”

The report also describes the most important technological changes within the hydropower industry and assesses their importance for the growth of the market over the long-term. The various drivers and restraints of the market are evaluated in order to provide readers with specific insights into the future direction of the hydropower market.

How much are individual regions planning to spend on acquiring new hydropower infrastructure and upgrading and maintaining existing infrastructure between 2011 and 2021? Who are the leading companies in the hydropower industry? Where are the growth opportunities over the next decade – in which geographical regions and with which type of technology? These critical questions and many more are definitively answered in this comprehensive report.

Comprehensive analysis of the hydropower market

The Hydropower Market 2011-2021 report examines this sector critically with a comprehensive review of recent contracts, news reports, industry publications, market analysis and expert consultation. The report provides detailed forecasts for the global market; forecasts and analysis for the seven regional markets; a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis; discussions of the main technologies in the market; profiles of the leading companies involved in the industry; and assessments of market drivers and restraints. This report also includes transcripts of in-depth interviews with two industry experts. This package of analyses cannot be obtained anywhere else.

The report draws on a rich combination of primary and secondary research, interviews, official corporate and governmental announcements, media reports, policy documents, industry statements and an extensive consultation of expert opinion.

Why you should buy The Hydropower Market 2011-2021

The main benefits from purchasing this report:
• You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the main factors influencing the global hydropower market and how it will develop over the next ten years.
• The analysis and forecasting have been underpinned by extensive consultation with industry experts. In the report, you will you will read full transcripts of two original interviews from the following hydropower companies:
• Vattenfall; a leading European energy company
• Black & Veatch; a global engineering and construction company.
• You will receive market forecasts for each from 2011-2021 for the seven regional hydropower markets, with a thorough analysis of drivers and restraints in each region.
• Africa
• Asia-Pacific
• Eurasia
• Europe
• Middle East
• North America
• South America
• You will find information on the hydropower industry and recent contracts awarded in more than 50 national hydropower markets throughout the world.
• You will be provided with profiles of 50 of the leading companies within the hydropower market.
• You will find 65 tables and graphs quantifying, analysing and forecasting the hydropower market in detail from 2011-2021.
• You will be able to compare the various hydropower technologies and learn of the specific opportunities in each regional hydropower market.
• You will receive an extensive SWOT analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for companies involved in the hydropower market over the next decade.

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