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These days’ people are turning more health conscious. Because of this the non-carbonated beverage segment has become one of the fastest growing and most exciting businesses at the moment. Manufacturers are offering the consumers better tasting, more healthful alternatives.

Newer products that have efficacious amounts of nutritional ingredients are being developed by the manufacturers. While all segments of the beverage market are evolving, the growth seems to be directed more towards healthy, light and low-calorie drinks. ” industry analysis reports ”

Another key trend in beverage industry is the increasing preference for healthy products. Consumers have become increasingly aware of health and fitness-related issues. Additionally, due to greater disposable incomes, particularly in urban areas, consumers are seeking healthier beverages even if they are relatively more expensive. This trend is so far restricted to urban consumers whilst for the rural consumer; manufacturers continue to focus on offering economy pack sizes.

A number of young Indians indulge in outdoor sports and exercise regularly, which has increased the demand for Satiety-inducing beverages such as dairy-based drinks. Since the year 2007, the country has seen numerous product launches in the field of nutraceuticals/functional foods and beverages that cater to distinct consumer brackets and ages. Indian health drinks market is still in its infancy due to the lack of awareness among the population. In value terms, the health food drink market is around Rs 1, 400 crore and in volume terms around 65,000 tons per annum.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) with four brands – Horlicks, Boost, Viva and Maltova – is the leader in Indian health drink market. Complan, GluconD from Heinz India and Cadbury India’s Bourn vita, Nestlé’s Milo, Amul Shakti, soymilk from few other brands are also popular among the Indian health drink brands.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Industry Overview
Usage segment
Usage behavior trend
Market Size
Market Structure & Segmentation
Types of Products /Services /Solutions
Market share
Key Players
Competition situation
Key Drivers
Key Challenges / Barriers
Key Opportunities
Market Entry Strategy
Key Success factors
Country Advantage
Recent Mergers & Acquisitions
Activities in the industry
Industry SWOT

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