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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are rightly tagged as the engine of the modern Indian economy. As per the experts, the small and medium enterprises in India must be encouraged to achieve the stable Gross Domestic Project growth trajectory. As the recession-hit year comes to a close, most of SMEs in India believe that market conditions will improve in coming years, resulting in increased revenues and growth.

The MSME sector in India is definitely growing at an exceptional rate. Still, there are some important things that need to be focused upon so that best out of these enterprises can be obtained. Here is a brief analysis of the Indian MSME sector. ” Company Profiles ”

It has been confirmed that the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises sector has the potential to drive the Indian economy. Some sincere attempts by government, finance providers and enterprise owners are required to drive this growth. In this report we will describe such initiatives in brief. In this report we will take you through the industry overview, their performance and policies adopted by the Indian government post 2000 era. There exists several definitions of the term small and medium enterprises (SMEs), varying from country to country and varying between the sources reporting SME statistics. The commonly used criteria at the international level to define SMEs are the number of employees, total net assets, sales and investment level.

In India the definition is different. The Government of India passed in June 2006 an act regarding the Micro , Small , and Medium Enterprises . The Micro , Small and Medium Enterprise Development Act ,2006 (MSMEDA )

The Act accomplishes many long -standing goals of the government and stakeholders in the MSME sector. The Act decisively defines the MSMEs by the level of by Plant and Machinery (P&M ) investment. The categorization also makes allowances for the inherently smaller investments of Service enterprises.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Definition of MSME in India
Current Structure of MSME in India
Overview of the MSME Sector in India
Implementation of MSME Development (MSMED) Act, 2006
Reservation/De-Reservation of Products for Manufacture in the MSME Sector
National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP)
Prime Minister’s Task Force on MSME Sector
Fourth All India Census of MSMEs
Recent Initiatives Under the Scheme of Assistance to Training Institutions
New Initiatives for Khadi and Village Industries Sector

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