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Derivatives markets have been in existence in India in some form or other for a long time. In the area of commodities, the Bombay Cotton Trade Association started futures trading in 1875 and, by the early 1900s India had one of the world’s largest futures industry. A derivative is a product whose value is derived from the value of one or more underlying variables or assets in a contractual manner.

The underlying asset can be equity, FOREX, commodity or any other asset. The main participants in the derivatives market are Hedgers, Speculators and Arbitrators. The main usage of the Derivatives Market in India is by financial and Non-financial institutions including retailers, although they form only a very small part of the market due to improper awareness to the Derivatives and Stock Markets on the whole. ” market research reports ”

This report is prepared using facts and figures sourced from repository data, primary & secondary research and in-house analysis by eprobe Research team.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Usage segment
Usage behavior trend
Trading Mechanics in Indian Derivatives Market
Key Challenges / Barriers
Key Success factors
Market Analysis
Country Advantage
Regulatory Advantage & legal frameworks
Names of industry bodies
Industry SWOT
PEST Analysis
Success stories
List of charts & tables
Certifying authorities

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