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Mobile phones are emerging from mere communicative devices to software-intensive devices like PCs and laptops and almost every manufacturer has stepped up to focus on creating more innovative mobile operating platforms. The conclusive success of a platform entirely depends on its adaptability to the third-party apps and ultimately, it constructs the global market.

In the recent years, since the launch of the Smartphone, it has proved itself to be an end-to-end mobile communication solution for the mobile users around the globe. Now, with the introduction of the various Mobile operating systems, the major Smartphone companies are creating a monopoly of securing the information system. They drive the open standard users and mobile phone operators to receive custom content, which are not common carrier functions and are delivered to users as a closed set or exclusive set of information services. ” market research reports ”

This report is prepared using facts and figures sourced from repository data, primary & secondary research and in-house analysis by eprobe Research team.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Industry Overview
Market Size
Key Players
Enterprise User Segment
Consumer User Segment
Service Providers & Vendors
Key Drivers
Key Challenges/Barriers
Key Success factors

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