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India has the highest number of medical colleges in the world. This unprecedented growth has occurred in the past two decades in response to increasing health needs of the country. The most significant challenge for regulatory bodies has been to balance the need for more medical colleges with the maintenance of quality standards. The globalization of education and health care and India’s potential as destination for education and quality health care has brought the issue into sharper focus.

Despite the growth of medical colleges, India is still facing shortage of doctors with very low doctor- patient ratio. ” market research reports ”

The Indian Medical Education degree is not recognized in many countries. Curricular reform to systematically address the issues and develop strategies to strengthen the medical education and health care system is a logical next step. There is a need to create systems and standards that establish and promote state-of-the-art medical education, so that Indian medical graduates from all institutions are comparable to the best from anywhere in the world.

This report is prepared using facts and figures sourced from repository data, primary & secondary research and in-house analysis by eprobe Research team.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
HealthCare Sector in India
Medical Education in India
Medical Education Compared to other Countries
Streams of Medical Education in India
Undergraduate Courses
Postgraduate Courses
Postgraduate Diploma
Super Specialty Courses
Training Programs
Top Ten Medical Colleges of India
Medical Entrance Examination
Rural Medical Education
Rural Medical College
Governing and Regulatory Bodies
Medical Council of India
Dental Council of India
Pharmacy Council of India
National Board of Examination
Key Drivers
Key Challengers/ Barriers
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Industry Forecast

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