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“Playschools in India” provide an in-depth analysis and extensive research on the playschool market in India. The report covers various aspects of the playschool market and gives detailed information of various factors which are driving growth in this market. It also provides reason-based analysis of the market for number of schools and the rising demand for playschool education by Indian consumers. There is a global trend towards formal approaches to preschool education.

This report explores the tension between formal and non-formal approaches in the context of India, through a discussion of the preschool programme of the Government of India’s Integrated Child Development Services that targets disadvantaged children, and private nursery schools that operate on a commercial basis. The Conclusion part contains a birds eye view of the report and it also includes the various issues both from the Industry and the Customer’s point of view that was highlighted during the primary research, this section is followed by the recommendations.
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Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Industry Overview
Why Playschools
Important Aspects of Playschool Education
Facilities provided at the preschools
Teaching Methodologies
Concerns for Pre-Nursery schools in India
Benefits of a Playschool
Disadvantages of Playschools
Playschools-A Balanced Approach
Indian Preschool Industry
Market Structure
Enhancing a Playschool
Key Drivers
Competitive Structure
Playschool Chains in India
City-wise Playschool Distribution
Government Policies & Initiatives for Pre-School Education in India
SWOT Analysis
PESTLE Analysis
List of Figures & Tables

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