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Younger Generation of India understands the importance of foreign language courses. They know that it would not only increase their learning, add value but also increase their chances of either getting a promotion or a job itself. A foreign language School spreads literacy and awareness and also acts as Profitable Business.

Globalization of business, liberalization of economies and integration of markets the world over have opened up horizons of prosperity and growth. The evolution of Internet has brought about opportunities thriving on technology, ingenuity and initiative. This business has a very niche market which consists of students, IT executives, BPO/KPO executives, hospitality and tourism executives and entrepreneurs. Majority of people believe that learning a foreign language would help them to fetch a better job or in getting promotion. A large number of people want to learn a foreign language. ” market research reports ”

Target market size for this business is very large but relatively very less number of people choose to learn a foreign language because learning a foreign language is not an immediate requirement for most of target market size. Entry barrier for this business is low which also means that competition is high. Out of all the foreign languages French, German and Spanish are in demand and Mumbai is the most favorable location (closely followed by Delhi) to set up a foreign language school in India.

A survey was conducted across various metropolitan cities with sample size of 122. The sample size contains students and working professionals of age group 18-30 from various income groups. Also the report deals in detail about the cost and the location analysis of setting up of a foreign language school in India, which contains all the issues relevant to the investment in this segment.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
About Foreign Languages
Internet Users classified on the basis of Language
Key Players in the Market
Foreign Language Courses from Career perspective
Foreign Language Market in India
Calculated Market Size
Profiling of foreign language Institutes
Porter’s 5 forces Analysis
Environmental Analysis
Regulatory Environment
SWOT Analysis of Foreign language Schools
Pestel Analysis
Key Drivers
Challenges faced by Business
Survey Analysis
Location analysis
Cost structure analysis
Break even Analysis

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