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Indian Railways (IR) is Asia’s largest and world’s second largest network under one management, with a separate Ministry and its own annual budget. The network carries about 20 million Passengers and 2 metric tonnes freight every day on the route of 64,015 km (2009-10).

Although key business operations are freight and passenger, IR is also engaged in several allied services including parcel, catering and production units. Nearly 70 percent of IR’s revenues come from the freight operations, which can be segmented into bulk and other cargo. Over the years, IR has predominantly become a bulk freight carrier, accounting for about 94 percent of the freight revenue. ” market research reports ”

Coal alone accounts for nearly half of the bulk traffic carried. Passenger business accounts for nearly 60 percent of IR’s total transport effort, in terms of train kilometres, but yield less than 30 percent of the total revenues. Suburban services account for 57 percent of the originating passengers, while contribute to only 8 percent of the passenger revenue. To understand the development process of IR’s over the past twenty years, the study covers issues and strategies related to financial and physical aspects of revenue generating freight and passenger traffic.

This report is prepared using facts and figures sourced from repository data, primary & secondary research and in-house analysis by eprobe Research team.

Table of Contents:

Industry Overview – Global
Industry in India
Usage Segment
Market Share Analysis
Sector Structure & Segmentation
Key Drivers
Key Challenges / Barriers
Key Opportunities
Key Success factors
Financial Analysis
Projects to be undertaken in 2010-2011
Industry SWOT
Market forecast with Macroeconomic assumptions
Future Outlook
PEST Analysis
List of Industry Associations
List of Tables and Graphs

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