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The recent changes and developments in the global auto sector have made its impact on the Indian market and manufacturers too. India in global auto sector has made its presence felt in the recent years with its potential. India offers scope for the manufacture of low cost vehicles with its highly skilled but inexpensive manufacturing base, labour intensive components and developing economy.

The automobile industry in India is one of the pillars of the Indian economy. It has recorded sales of USD 4000 mn and involves investments of a whopping USD 3500 mn by as many as 400 investors. It has also been instrumental in employing a huge work force, close to 2.5 lakh people. ” market research reports ”

In order to determine the position of India in the global auto sector, one needs to go back to the initial days of its growth. Before the policy of liberalization was introduced, the component manufacturers practically remained unscathed during the recession periods. The component and vehicle manufacturers shared an uncomplicated relationship. There were no significant investments in development of products or in research and development. The closed automobile market had a few big names and the development of the market was restricted by limited number of suppliers.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Industry Overview
India in Global Auto Sector
Auto Component Industry – Indian Context
Automobile Industry – Indian Scenario
Macroeconomic Overview
Demographic Overview
Market Structure & Segmentation
By Products
Historical Analysis
Key Players
Export Trends
Competition Situation
Key Drivers
Demand Drivers
Key Challenges / Barriers
Supply System – Supply Situation
Key Opportunities
Auto Cluster Developments
Mergers & Acquisition
Major Players in The Indian Auto Industry
Passenger car segment
Two wheeler market in India
Commercial Vehicles
Three Wheelers & Farm Equipment
Market Entry Strategy

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