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Breast cancer is a disease of very high mortality. More than 50,000 women die of
breast cancer every year in India. In Indian women, breast cancer is the second
most common cancer, next only to carcinoma cervix. But in many urban areas in
India, the breast cancer has recently emerged as the leading cancer in women.
Breast cancer will become most common cancer among Indian women by 2020. Breast
cancer constitutes about 28% of all cancer cases among women in India.

The market is growing significantly over the last few years. The pharmacological
management market of breast cancer is expected to become more than an INR 10,000
millions market by the year 2016. " industry
analysis reports

The major constituents of this market are anticancer drugs and chemotherapeutic
agents. Apart from these the breast cancer management includes radiotherapy and
surgical procedure too.

Table of Contents :

Executive Summary
Industry Overview
Breast Cancer – Definition of the market
Signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer
Risk factors
Treatment Options
Prescribed Drug Classes
Epidemiology of breast cancer in India
Market Size
Market forecast with Macroeconomic assumptions
Key Drivers
Key Challenges / Barriers
Regulatory Advantage & legal frameworks:
Competition Landscape
Novartis India – Zometa
Novartis (Biochemie)
Roche Bristol
Sanofi Aventis
List of charts & tables

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