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There has been a great increase in Indian content on the Internet. Many net entrepreneurs have been quick to realize the huge potential of the global market. Initially, most sites targeted the global Diaspora of Overseas Indians who had more access to the Internet, not to mention the credit cards that drive Net commerce. But there is a growing realization that the Net can reach the large and wealthy Indian Middle class. This group is rapidly plugging into the Net and there is increased use of credit cards.

The Business to Business (B2B) transactions are on the increase and so is the large and growing software industry. The Internet offers the ability to reach a client, respond to problems on a real time basis, and transfer products instantly with the click of a mouse. The key players in this industry have already established themselves in most of the tech-savvy cities of India. However, the rural population of India still remains devoid of these facilities. Based on the competitive analysis done above and after making a study of the opportunities listed above, the most suitable strategy would be to start with the small towns of UP. Though the number of people with the required facilities is very few in small towns and rural areas, making it accessible to them through schools, local government offices and banks and making them aware of its benefits would increase its popularity. ” industry analysis reports ”

Once enough number of subscribers has been obtained through this way, the services could be extended to the tier 2 and tier 1 cities of UP, followed by other states.

Table of Contents :

Executive Summary
Internet Service Provider
ISP interconnection
Industry Overview
Internet Service Providers Association of India
Usage segment
Market Size
Types of Products /Services /Solutions
Market share
Key Players
Key Drivers
Key Challenges / Barriers
Key Opportunities
Market Entry Strategy
Financial Analysis
Top players
Regulatory Advantage & legal frameworks
Recent Mergers & Acquisitions
Major Deals
Industry SWOT
Government Stimulus packages to boost the industry
Success stories
List of Table, Charts

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