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The mobile phones industry in India has been an attractive destination for the global mobile phone manufacturers from the very start. It was thought in the beginning that the mobile phones in India will serve the growing communication needs in the country. Considering the growth of the industry in India, it can be said that the estimated results have been achieved beyond expectations. Apart from mobile phone manufacturers, the industry has also seen the growth of mobile phone carriers, mobile phone application developers, mobile phone content providers and so on. It is expected that the industry is going to keep on growing to attain the anticipated goals at a fast rate.

There are two big reasons for the rapid growth of mobile phones industry in India. First, there is a huge market for entry-level mobile phones. And second, the high-end mobile phone buyers too exist in the Indian mobile phone market. These reasons encourage the top mobile phone manufacturers to experiment their products from different categories in the Indian market. This report discusses in detail the Intoduction of Mobile Phones & Value Added Services(MVAS). The Industry overview of the telecom sector analyzing the modern growth,investments and future prospects.Then next section gives overview of Policies and initiatives taken by Indian govt.key trends, opportunities and drivers that are expected to make the industry even more dynamic in the Indian scenario. ” industry analysis reports ”

The regulatory bodies of the government controlling the Telecom Sector followed by detailed Market Analysis, Structure Major Competitors and their Market Share. The report then discusses the key challenges to be faced in the near future by the Mobile Manufacturers.

Table of Contents :

Mobile Phones
Mobile Value Added Services
Mobile Phone Evolution
Industry Overview
Present Structure of Telecom Sector
Growth Expectations of Mobile Manufacturers
MVAS Market
Liberalization & Market
Top Global Manufacturing Companies
Policy & Initiatives
Company Advantage
Government Policies & Regulatry Framework
Demands of the Corporate sector
TRAI Policy
Foreign Direct Investment Policy
Present FDI Policy for the Telecom Sector
Market Structure & Performance
Indian Mobile Phone Market
Global Market Share
Smart Phone Market Share
Rise of Symbian & Blackberry
Rise of Android & iPhone
Leading Player in Mobile Phone Manufacturers

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