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Water treatment chemicals are chemical compounds used to remove impurities from water. The consumption of water treatment chemicals in various applications such as municipal and industrial water depends on the source of water; which can be sea water, ground water, and municipal drinking water. The demand for water treatment chemicals is influenced by various factors such as water availability, quality of water and usage pattern, presence of pollutants, government policies, and trade-offs among the various chemical compounds.

The consumption of water treatment chemicals across the globe in municipal and various industrial applications such as power plants, food and beverages, metal and mining, pulp & paper, oil and gas, and chemical processing is on the course of higher growth since the last four years. This growth is largely fueled by the increased demand for the high quality water and boost in the intake of various applications worldwide. This growth is particularly higher in emerging countries such as China. market research reports

The kind of the water treatment chemical used and the amount of its consumption varies from location to location and it mainly depends on the water quality such as hardness, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), pH, and alkalinity. Corrosion and scale inhibitors formed the largest segment of water treatment chemicals globally, in terms of consumption; followed by the coagulants and flocculants in 2010.

This market research study provides detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the water treatment chemicals market. It provides individual forecasts for corrosion inhibitors’, scale inhibitors’, coagulants’, flocculants’, biocides’, and chelating agents’ market. In addition, it details each application of the water treatment chemical market and provides separate forecasts for the total consumption in municipal and industrial water treatment, which is further segmented into power generation, food and beverage, pulp & paper, metal & mining, chemical processing, oil & gas. The study also analyzes the supply chain, raw material analysis, regulatory issues, technology trends and competitive structure of the market. In addition, it provides a detailed qualitative analysis of the water treatment chemicals market as well.

The size of the water treatment chemicals’ market was derived from the aggregation of the market shares of the major players and the forecast is based on the analysis of the market trends such as pricing and consumption. The penetration of micro-markets was established through secondary sources and validated through primary sources.

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