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Sociable Pharma conducted in-depth primary research in the US and across Europe with six key opinion leaders to understand how these changes will impact therapy use in the future. We also gauged opinion during the European Respiratory Society’s 2011 Annual Congress on the impact that new clinical data for existing and pipeline products will have on treatment strategies employed by asthma specialists.

Understand key treatment trends based on the latest KOL insights, including

* Step-up and step-down approaches to asthma treatment
* Tiotropium: an emerging therapy
* Immunotherapy: the hope for more comprehensive treatment
* Combination of inhaled corticosteroids and LABA therapy: current and future trends
market research reports

Identify unmet needs, including

* Managing patients with severe persistent asthma
* Optimizing inhaled corticosteroid therapy
* Onitiating omalizumab therapy
* LTRA therapy for Step 2 – mild persistent asthma

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Scope of Analysis & Methodology
Current Treatment Practice
Inhaled short-acting ?2 agonist
Inhaled corticosteroids
Inhaled long-acting ?2 agonist
Combination inhaler of ICS + LABA
Leukotriene receptor antagonists
Oral corticosteroids
Anti IgE monoclonal antibodies
Treatment Challenges / Unmet Needs
Asthma Treatment Map

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