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Sociable Pharma conducted in-depth primary research in the US and across Europe with six key opinion leaders in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) to understand how changes will impact therapy use in the future. A key theme in our research is the management and implementation of ‘step-up’ treatment strategies to optimize the timing of effective forms of therapy. Our view is that this is the major macro-trend that will alter treatment strategies, generating new treatment challenges and presenting opportunities for current and future market players.

Understand key treatment trends including

* The evolving role of DMARDs in RA therapy
* Trend towards earlier adoption of biologics in RA patients
* Long-term patient management on biologic therapies
market research reports

Identify treatment challenges including

* Initiating biologic therapy
* Treating patients with non-response to biologics and loss of response over time
* Treating to remission in patients with low disease activity in a few joints
* Pharmacotherapy in patients with contraindications to methotrexate
* Deciding when to refer patients for surgery

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Scope of Analysis & Methodology
Current Treatment Practice
Synthetic DMARDs
Anti-TNF therapies
Anti-CD20 antibodies
Other biologics
Treatment Challenges / Unmet Needs
Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Map

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