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RF coaxial cable is widely applied in fields including mobile communication, broadcast and television, communication terminal and aerospace etc. With rapid development of downstream industries especially mobile communication industry, it is expected that RF coaxial cable market will present steady growth globally. In 2009, market size of RF coaxial cable reached USD3.04 billion worldwide, which is estimated to increase to USD4.29 billion by 2013.

This report, on the basis of the data released by industry association, focuses on the following research: market research reports

1.Overall market size and competition pattern & characteristics??of global and China RF coaxial cable market; forecast on supply and demand of RF coaxial cable used in mobile communication field in China.

2.Forecast on global and Chinese market scale of five market segments including semi-flexible cable, low loss cable, corrugated cable, phase-compensated cable and micro cable; competition among main enterprises in these market segments.

3.Operation of 16 major enterprises including Habia, Andrew, Nexans, Kingsignal Technology, Jiangsu Hengxin Technology, Jiangsu Trigiant Technology etc.

In each market segment of RF coaxial cable in China, competitiveness of enterprises presents striking difference.

In the low loss cable market, TIMES and Kingsignal Technology are among the dominating enterprises, wherein Kingsignal Technology occupies 30% market share approximately. Apart from leading low loss cable market, Kingsignal Technology holds 40% market share of semi-flexible cable market in China, pulling ahead of foreign rivals such as Habia and NISSEI Electric. Owning a complete range of products contributes to the advantages of Kingsignal Technology. It started to expand capacities of high-end RF coaxial cable products including semi-flexible cable and phase-compensated cable in 2010, which are expected to go into operation successively by 2012.

Domestic enterprises in China possess obvious superiority in the corrugated cable market, such as Jiangsu Hengxin Technology, Zhuhai Hansen Technology and Jiangsu Trigiant Technology, accounting for 60-70% of the total market. As an up-and-coming enterprise engaged in manufacturing of RF coaxial cable, Jiangsu Trigiant Technology expanded its annual capacity from 18,000 km in 2007 to 150,000 km in 2010. It is expected that capacity of Jiangsu Trigiant Technology will be further improved, with its parent company going public.

In addition, in phase-compensated cable and micro cable markets, foreign enterprises play a dominant role. The most competitive enterprises include Gore, Sumitomo Electric and HUBER+SUHNER etc.

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