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Mobile Data and Wireless Broadband Market in India
The development of the telecom sector has experienced a major process of transformation in terms of its growth, technological content, and market structure in the last decade through policy reforms introduced by the Government.

The impetus of these changes is expected to continue, and at a much faster pace. Wireless telephony and the Internet are expected to be the preferred means of communication as convergence of telecommunications, broadcasting, and information technology progresses. The Government has undertaken the implementation of telecom policy with utmost earnestness, in letter and spirit to usher in competition in almost all the service sectors.

The migration package to revenue sharing in place of a fixed license fee, has led to a virtual ‘take off” in growth of the cellular and basic service sectors. National and International data connectivity has been opened. The rate of adoption of wireless internet has started to rise with the overall increase in mobile penetration together with networks being progressively upgraded to next generation platforms. While 3G licensing and launch of 3G services by private telecom operators in India has certainly been promoting the growth of wireless data services. Statistically, only 10 million of the internet users have broadband connections in India, and it is surging with the double digit growth rate. In case of wireless internet subscribers, 15 million mobile users, use their mobile phone for internet surfing.

The mobile internet subscribers are growing at the rate of 25% annually. Hence, the market gives the huge opportunity to the broadband and mobile operators to expand, as the market is in introductory phase.

Key chapters :

Executive Summary
Indian Telecom Industry – An Overview
Introduction – Indian Telecom Industry
History of Indian Telecom Industry
Evolution of the Indian Telecom Industry
Current Status of Indian Telecom Industry
Recent Developments – Indian Telecom Industry
Growth Potential – Indian Telecom Industry
Growth Drivers – Indian Telecom Industry
Growth Inhibitors – Indian Telecom Industry
Industry Structure
Structural Evolution of the Indian Telecom Industry
Current Structure of the Indian Telecom Industry
Segmental Structure of the Indian Telecom Industry
Regulatory Framework – Indian Telecom Industry
Pre-Liberalization Scenario
Post-Liberalization Scenario
Operational Performance – Indian Telecom Sector
Overall Performance
Wireless Telephony Market
Wireless Data and Broadband
Financial Analysis – Indian Telecom Sector
India’s Competitive Advantage
Industry SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Future Outlook – Forecast
List of Tables and Figures
Industry Associations
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