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GSM is world’s most popular standard for mobile telephony systems. It differs from its predecessor technologies in that both signaling and speech channels are digital, and thus GSM is considered as 2G and 3G mobile phone system. In India the number of GSM subscribers reached 580.67 millions by May 2011, and the GSM market is showing the growth rate of more than 20%, year on year basis.

The major players in Indian market are Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL and Tata Docomo. Airtel is the market leader with the total number of 165 million subscribers and holds the share of 28.35% followed by Vodafone which has 137 million subscribers. Firther, Indian GSM market is witnessing a fierce competition in accordance with its rapid market growth. The internal drivers of GSM market are from its large population, open and fully competitive market, increasing mobile subscribers in rural areas and rising mobile penetration. market research reports

Further, on the basis of large rural population, the emphasis of Indian GSM participants has transferred to rural market, and the GSM market in rural regions is expected to grow at more than 75 present in next three years.

The increase in the number of subscribers resulted in lower Average Revenue per User (ARPU), apart from reduced tariffs due to the rising competition. Cost optimization efforts, however, ensured a lower rate of increase.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
What is GSM?
Technical Details of GSM
Network structure
Evolution of GSM Technology
Benefits provided by GSM
GSM Worldwide Market
Indian Telecom Sector
Major Investments
Regulatory Framework: Regulatory Initiatives and Policies
GSM Industry Overview In India
GSM Market Size in India
Key Players in GSM Market in India
GSM Players- By Geography
Opportunities for GSM in Indian Telecom market
Key Drivers of Indian Mobile Industry
Key Challenges / Barriers
Porter Analysis Of Industry
Industry SWOT
PEST Analysis
Market Size Forecast- Current and in next 5 years
List of Charts and Tables

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