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Indonesia’s rattan furniture industry continues to develop as it benefits from an abundance of raw materials. The country accounts for about two-thirds of global rattan supply.

The outdoor furniture sector in Indonesia is on the upswing after suffering losses over the past two years. Increasing demand from new export markets, which have taken notice of unique designs from the country, is pushing the industry’s recovery. industry analysis reports

Vietnam’s indoor and outdoor furniture sector is propelled by revitalized demand from traditional markets and growing popularity in new foreign destinations.

This report focuses on the main types of furniture from Indonesia and Vietnam – rattan, indoor and outdoor models.

What you’ll get

• In-depth profiles of 46 verified suppliers with a comprehensive look at their product and pricing strategy, manufacturing and export capability, product and market focus, verified contact details, and more.
• 423 full-color images that depict popular export models of leather goods, with detailed product descriptions and minimum order requirements
• Verified supplier contact details of an additional 60 exporters, including names, e-mails, telephone numbers, websites and key products
• Supplier information in tabular format to help you compare suppliers at a glance
• Results of custom-designed supplier surveys, which forecast industry trends for the next 12 months
• Extensive industry overviews discussing the main challenges facing suppliers
• In-depth examination of supplier bases highlighting key characteristics of the different types of companies
• Details of the primary production centers
• Updates on the latest trends in design, R&D, materials and components
• Review of the key factors that influence the price and quality of low-end, midrange and high-end products
• Comprehensive pricing tables featuring export price ranges

Who should read this report

• CEOs, Directors, Presidents, Business Owners
• Export/ Import Managers, Sourcing Representatives, Sourcing Engineers, Supply Chain Directors, Procurement Managers, Agents
• Sales Executives & Managers, Marketing Executives & Managers, International Buyers
• Business Consultants, Investment Managers
• Anyone who needs to understand the China & Asia supply market

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