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While there are more than 500 different cloud players, companies such as Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft are generating the most attention and doing a lot of arm-wrestling with one another to capture this market. Microsoft and Google have been leading the charge and offering cloud services to companies of all sizes for the last 10 years and IBM has been quietly selling and installing large government and enterprise deals in the background without making too much noise; although recently that have become more vocal with enhancements to their offer.

Datacenter service providers
Infrastructure providers
SaaS, PaaS, and LaaS providers
Application developers
Network operators
industry analysis reports

Table of Contents:
1. The Cloud: What is it? Who is using it and why?
2. The Cloud Reality
3. The Cloud Landscape
4. Cloud Computing Equals
5. Why the Interest in the Cloud?
6. Cloud Computing for Telecommunications Operators
7. Cloud Computing for the Channel
7.1. Be careful what you ask for …..
7.2. What does this mean for the Channel?
8. Cloud Considerations
8.1. Infrastructure
8.2. Pricing Strategy
8.3. New Business Models
8.4. The Power Nontraditional Approaches
9. Small and Medium Businesses Seeking Cloud Services
10. Top Ten Urban Legends about the Cloud
10.1. #1: A Cloud Strategy is Unnecessary
10.2. #2: Critical Applications should not be in the Cloud
10.3. #3: There is one Single “Cloud”
10.4. #4: A Cloud Provider Guarantees Security
10.5. #5: You will not have Full Ownership of your Cloud-based Data
10.6. #6: Once you Sign-up, there is no Getting Out
10.7. #7: Cloud Computing is for Small Businesses, not for Larger Companies
10.8. #8: The Cloud is Always less Expensive
10.9. #9: Cloud Computing is not Reliable
10.10. #10 The Cloud will take Over Many Jobs
11. The Truth about the Cloud

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