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In dynamic industries characterized by technological innovation, increasing product performance and tremendous growth, industry leaders rely on tested, current data to make business decisions that are critical to growth and profitability. Today‘s Wind Energy industry is one such market. Business leaders and decision makers need the most current information in a concise format to drive industry trends, rather than follow them.

Lucintel‘s Regional Benchmarking for Wind Energy Market of China, US, Germany, and India report provides industry professionals, strategists, corporate analysts, major players, government departments and regulatory bodies with comparative market analysis, forecasts, competitive intelligence and in-depth insights on the global Wind Energy market. industry analysis reports

Wind Energy has demonstrated remarkable growth over the last few years. By the end of 2010, the total wind energy installed capacity worldwide was approximately 194 GW. This sector has attracted many investors and with its continued growth, continues to do. To maximize return on investment, his sector requires a long term mindset supported by proper analysis. Government has encouraged development and installation on wind energy capacity in a number of nations through various incentives and subsidies to offset the relatively high cost of producing power through the means of wind turbines as compared to other conventional non-renewable power sources.

By the end of the year 2010, the annual installed capacity of the global wind energy market increased by approximately 22.7% over the prior year. Though the US is now the global leader in terms of total installed capacity, Asia has emerged as one of the most dynamic markets for wind power. The flourishing wind power market in China has encouraged the domestic manufacture of wind turbines and related components. India is also proving to be an attractive market for wind energy, as in past few years it has realized notable growth. Germany, the most developed market in wind energy, has been used to benchmark other nations addressed in this report.

This report identifies the various factors, including raw materials, infrastructures, government incentives, and profitability, constituting the competitive advantages for wind energy sector in four nations, China, Germany, US and India. This report will help in measuring the attractiveness of those factors for each of these nations. It will also provide intelligence for strategic decision making to existing players as well as new players seeking entry in the wind energy sector. Wind farm investors, wind turbine OEMs and component manufacturers need to continually stay abreast, critically analyze, and act quickly to capture the maximum market share, growth and profitability in the wind energy market.

This unique report from Lucintel will provide the reader with valuable information, insights and tools needed to identify new growth opportunities and operate their business successfully in the wind energy market. This report will save hundreds of hours of research time and will be of significant benefit to expanding businesses in this market. In today‘s stringent economy, industry leaders need every advantage that they can find. This report offers that advantage.

To make business, investment, or strategic decisions, you need timely and adequate information. This market report fulfills this core need and is an indispensable reference guide for multi-national material suppliers, product manufacturers, investors, executives, distributors and many more, who are dealing with the composites market.

Some of the features of this market report are:

• Trends and Forecasts for wind energy capacity installation for all the four nation
• Drivers and challenges for wind energy sector for the four nations
• PESTEL analysis for each of the four nations to make the investors aware of the environment prevailing around wind energy sector in these countries
• A representation for Industry life cycles for wind energy industry of the four countries
• Porter’s five forces model for wind energy industry of each of the four nations
• Analysis of competitive advantages of the four nations for the development of wind energy sector by Porter’s diamond model
• Supply chain analysis for each of the four nations
• Cluster analysis to determine the overall strength of the wind energy industry in each of the four nations
• Growth leadership quadrant for analyzing global leadership in wind energy sector
• A total over 78 valuable figures/charts and 17 tables are provided in this 209 pages report.

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