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Mobile Commerce in Public Service: Expanding Beyond Consumer Services


Mobile Commerce is for more than just consumer applications – it’s definition is often constrained to certain device assumptions, use case scenarios, and business models. Mobile Commerce may also be used in business-to-business (B2B) scenarios and the definition can also include many governmental and general “public service” B2B situations.

This research examines the current and the potential future market for an expanded view of mobile commerce applications from 2012-2017. It includes identification of future applications such as location-based services combined with augmented reality and how government can use these technologies to save costs. The research identifies key issues and concerns and the role of mobile commerce in public service and it may be leveraged to benefit citizens and businesses. The research includes analysis of the global Mobile Commerce market and revenue potential.


* Mobile Network Operators
* Mobile Software Developers
* OSS/BSS Solution Providers
* Handset and Tablet Manufacturers
* Mobile Payment Service Providers
* Content and Applications Aggregators
* Wireless Privacy and Security Specialists
* Mobile Marketing and Advertising Providers
* Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers
* Governmental Organizations at the Federal, State, and Local levels

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