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The agrochemicals industry is a significant industry for the Indian economy. India has to ensure food security for population of 1.21 billion while facing reduction in cultivable land resource. With increasing population, demand for food grains is increasing at a faster pace as compared to its production. This necessitates the use of pesticides. Moreover, every year, significant amount of crop yield is lost due to non usage of crop protection products. So the industry is bound to experience healthy growth rate in the years to come.

India is the fourth largest producer of agrochemicals globally, after United States, Japan and China. The Agrochemical Industry accounts for ~2% of the total Indian Chemical Industry.
Trends in the Industry
• Development of environmentally safe pesticides
• Focus on brand building
• Increasing M&A
• Increasing focus on improving agricultural output
• Technology trends
industry analysis reports

India’s agrochemicals consumption is one of the lowest in the world with per hectare consumption of just 0.58 Kg compared to US (4.5 Kg/ha) and Japan (11 Kg/ha). The key reasons for low usage are low purchasing power of farmers, lack of awareness about crop protection benefits and poor reach and accessibility of crop protection chemicals.
The domestic market is expected to grow at 8% annually till FY15. Exports are set to grow at a CAGR of 15% during the same period.

• Indian Agrochemical Sector at a glance
• Emerging trends in the industry like development of environmentally pesticides, technology trend, brand building etc
• Demand Supply scenario encompassing production ,consumption and export trends segment wise
• Factors driving growth, Issues & Challenges
• Government Regulations & Initiatives in Indian market
• Major players
• Forecasts

• To understand the various factors which are fuelling the growth and those which are/will be critical for the industry performance in the near term
• Comprehensive report covering all the aspects required to understand the industry performance and future prospects.
• The report elucidates the current market scenario of the industry and forecasts key parameters which helps to anticipate the industry performance

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