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This 200 page report provides a detailed study on the Hybrid Electric Light Vehicles sector examining market drivers, types of hybrid, market challenges along with market dynamics and forecasts. Furthermore, the report examines enabling technologies and looks at OEM strategies as well as including profiles of 22 key suppliers within this sector.

Background to this research
During the past two to three years the hybrid powertrain has to all intents and purposes become part of the mainstream. Where even five years ago there were some lingering doubts that hybrid vehicle might be something of a side show because strong technical performance from high performance diesel engines, together with downsizing and turbocharging, seemed to be able to deliver the fuel economy benefits in a more effective manner both for the OEM and the consumer. market research books

However, not only is hybridisation here to stay as part of most OEMs’ mainstream offerings, there have been large gains in technology performance and relative cost benefits, as OEMs and suppliers have devoted significant resources to bringing the on-cost of a hybrid powertrain down whilst improving performance.

Table of Contents :
Powertrain choices
The growing frequency of patent filings
Market challenges

Competition from other technologies
Stop-start technology
Recharging infrastructure for plug-in hybrids
Electricity grid issues
‘Smart’ grids and frequency regulation
Environmental performance of plug-in hybrids
Resource supply
Rare earth elements

Market dynamics and forecasts
Development of the plug-in hybrid market
New business models for OEMs, grid companies and suppliers
Market forecasts
North America
Global plug-in hybrid demand

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