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Global Clinical Trial Market (2007 – 2010)

Clinical trials market now witnesses a paradigm shift. Naïve heterogeneous patient populations in the developing nations are opening up new avenues for the clinical trials market. Developing countries also offer faster means; which is triggering major pharmaceutical companies to direct their investment in these regions. Apart from this, stringent regulations and tight R&D budgets in the pharma-biotech industry are also forcing companies to move to east. This scenario has further boosted the alliances between the pharma-biotech companies and the clinical research organizations, with the latter accounting for major chunk of the trials conducted.

Today, emerging countries account for the largest share of the phase II/III (prime stages) clinical trials conducted globally with major focus on oncology, Alzheimer’s, metabolic, and cardiovascular diseases. Support from the respective government bodies is one of the major factors affecting the clinical trials market. Clinical trials sponsored by the industry have a much higher share in the market as compared to government organizations.

North America includes the U.S. and Canada; together both the countries have reported to have the largest number of clinical trials conducted globally. In the European region, Germany heads the largest number of clinical trials, the country was reported to have conducted 734 trials for 2010 in Western Europe while Poland accounted for the largest number of clinical trials in Eastern Europe with total number of 263 clinical trials for 2010.

Asia is one of the fastest growing markets for global clinical trials. The countries taking lead in this market are India, China, South Korea, and Singapore. The major reasons for this market to have high potential are its huge and diverse population with diseases that are present in both – the developed and under developed countries. Hence, different types of trials can be conducted in one region. Due to large population, it helps in faster recruitment of the patients, and retention of the participants in the trials on the higher side; thereby helping the companies to conduct the trials on the timely basis.

The financial targets and global competition are forcing the pharmaceutical players to look out for various options to introduce novel therapies in the market. At the same time, emerging shortage of clinical resources such as lack of naïve disease population, well trained labor, and sound medical infrastructure are delaying the process to initiate trials. Hence, all these companies are considering Latin America as an alternative option for conducting clinical trials.

Scope of the report

Global clinical trials market research report categorizes by phases, by the study design, by the disease indications and with analysis of the geographic trends of conducting the clinical trials.

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