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B2C E-Commerce continues its Growth in Brazil
The “Brazil B2C E-Commerce Report 2011”, published by Hamburg-based market research firm gives a detailed overview of B2C E-Commerce in Brazil. In addition to data on internet users and online shoppers, it presents revenue figures, the major players, product categories and trends.

• Brazil accounted by far for the largest Internet audience in South America in 2010.
• Shopping was one of the most popular online activities in Brazil in the first half of 2011.
• B2C E-Commerce sales in Brazil in the first half of 2011 were higher than the sales recorded during the
whole year of 2008.
• “Appliances” were one of the best-selling product category in B2C E-Commerce in the first half of 2011,
followed by “Computers” and “Health, Beauty and Medications”.
• is one of the biggest players in B2C E-Commerce in Brazil and was the most visited
retail website in December 2010, followed by and industry analysis reports

About our Reports
– Market reports by inform top managers about recent market trends and assist with strategic company decisions
– provides secondary market research: By using various sources of information we ensure maximum objectivity for all obtained data. As a result companies get a precise and unbiased impression of the market situation.
– The analyses, statistical reports and forecasts are only based on reliable sources including national and international statistical offices, industry and trade associations, business reports, business and company databases, journals, company registries and news portals.
– Our international employees research and filter all sources and translate relevant information into English. This ensures that the content of the original studies is correctly interpreted.
– delivers all research results as PowerPoint files. All data can therefore be used directly for board presentations or be individually adapted.
– If required, provides in-depth analysis for all research projects. Simply send us a request.

Table of Contents:
1. Management Summary
2. Trends
– B2C E-Commerce Trends in Brazil, 2011
– Average Time spent Online, by Country, in Hours per Month, May 2009 & May 2010
– Most popular online Activities in Brazil, in %, first Half 2011
– Number of online Purchases made in Brazil, in %, first Half 2011
– Average Ticket Size in B2C E-Commerce in Brazil, in BRL, 2007-2011f
3. Sales
– B2C E-Commerce Sales in Brazil, in BRL billion, 2007-2011f
– B2C E-Commerce Sales in Brazil, in BRL billion, first Half 2007-first Half 2011
– Share of B2C E-Commerce on total Retail Sales in Brazil, in %, 2007-2011f
5. Products
– Leading Product Categories in B2C E-Commerce, in % of total Share, first Half 2011

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