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The Monthly Report provides the reader with the top-line data necessary to quickly keep abreast of the deal activity in the Consumer and Packaged Goods market on a monthly basis.

The ‘Monthly Consumer and Packaged Goods Deals Roundup – October 2011’ report provides a review and understanding of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital-raising and partnering deals and agreements entered into by consumer and packaged goods companies during November 2011. market research book

Using this report, dealmakers will effectively and efficiently gain an insight into the deal activity throughout the month. The report provides an overview of all the partnering, alliances and M&A deals announced worldwide.

Reasons To Buy
Deal volume Increased by 17% in the CPG industry from 172 transactions in October 2011 to 202 transactions in November 2011.
Deal value in the CPG industry increased significantly by 72% from US$8.9 billion in October 2011 to US$15.5 billion in November 2011.
In November 2011, the other consumer products segment accounted for 48% of the total deal activity.
In November 2011, the other consumer products segment comprised 44% of the month’s total deal value.
In November 2011, the North American region recorded highest deal activity, representing 41% of the total deal volume.
In value terms, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 49% of the total deal value reported in November 2011.
In November 2011, the majority of the deal activity was below US$100 million.
In November 2011, deals in the CPG industry were primarily undertaken with an objective of business expansion.

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Table of Contents
List of Tables
Table 1: Active Regions, November 2011
Table 2: Deal Size Analysis, November 2011
Table 3: Main Deals, November 2011
Table 4: Main PE/VC Deals, November 2011
Table 5: Main Capital-Raising Deals, November 2011
Table 6: Main Cross-Border M&A Deals, November 2011
Table 7: Main Deals in Emerging Markets, November 2011
Table 8: Main Rumor Deals, November 2011

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