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The misguided conception that MVNOs have passed their heyday is unfortunately linked to the high failure rates of many ill-prepared ventures. The MVNO business model has been popular in the last two decades in mature telecom markets, especially in Europe. This popularity has been marred by injudicious strategies and a failure to understand the key elements of sustaining an MVNO. The market potential for establishing a viable MVNO exists; the issue is how to effectively harness it.

Our latest research report Consumer MVNOs Report 2011-2016: Designing Successful Strategies for Monetising Smartphone and LTE Growth details the essential strategies and core elements that are necessary for setting up a successful MVNO. The report covers the lightest MVNOs, such as branded resellers, to those with the deepest integration at the core mobile network level. It analyses issues from customer-facing services, branding and pricing to operational and business support systems. The report highlights the reasons for failures and advises on strategies for running a successful MVNO business. business market report

A Second Wind for MVNOs
A number of dynamic factors are serving as a catalyst driving the rebirth of a stagnating MVNO market. Above all, technological developments in smartphone features and capabilities, coupled with increasing mobile broadband speeds are generating a rich market for value added services. 3G networks and the imminent deployment of 4G networks are changing mobile consumer behaviours. The mobile device is becoming ever more central to consumer’s lives, and their use is evermore diverse and broad.

Furthermore, a number of emerging economies are opening up their telecoms market to new operators. Supported by regulation, and spurred by the increasing connectivity of mobile devices, the potential for MVNOs is significant. New markets and new technologies are a strong driving force for the MVNO business model. Our research shows that the global MVNO market will be worth $40.55 billion USD by 2016, with the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions showing strong growth potential.

An Ocean of New Opportunities for Value Added Services
Undeniably, mobile broadband and smartphone technology will enable a host of new value added services that MVNOs can leverage as service offerings. The popularity of mobile apps can further enhance value propositions, as long as they are leveraged correctly. Commerce and banking, alongside entertainment such as gaming, video-on-demand and music streaming are gaining momentum in the mobile landscape. MVNOs can harness the potential of any of these numerous and highly-demanded mobile activities into a lucrative and successful business venture.

What is Unique about this Report?
Our report offers detailed analysis on the MVNO business model, including strategies on offering value-added services and how to retain a competitive advantage in a saturated market place. It is not sufficient to simply offer popular services. The key is understand the target audience and be able to offer service differentiation and be cost-competitive. In addition, this report provides forecasts of regional growth as well as projections on VAS segment evolution. Readers will be able to understand ht key elements of establishing a successful venture and future evolution of the MVNO market.

Who needs to read this report?
• Mobile Operators – Understand how the market is likely to change over the next five years and identify strategies to ensure you can compete with other operators and in different markets.
• Content Publishers and Mobile App Developers – Discover opportunities that are available in the MVNO sector, and identify new service offerings to grow your revenues.
• OEMs & Network Vendors – Gain in-depth market knowledge to develop and offer platform and technology solution s to the MVNO market.
• Service Providers – Learn ways to offer tailored services to MVNO players, from back-end platform solutions to front-end customer service packages.
• Brands and Advertisers – Gain insights into the market trends and learn how you can ensure a good ROI from MVNO business models.
• Investment Companies – Increase your understanding of the MVNO segment and ensure you have the right strategies in place to benefit from the expected strong market growth in the coming years.

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