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‘Game Group in Australia: Local Profile’ is a comprehensive report covering the company’s local operations. It also includes key financial and operational performance details of the company. In addition, the report presents the strategy of the company, market share and investment plans of the key players in the market.

The report provides readers with an understanding of the company, insight into its latest approaches and a clear picture of its market situation vis-a-vis competitors. business market research

The report identifies and presents key information of Game Group in Australia. In addition, it gives the description of the local operations as well as news and events of the company.

Key points covered in the reports are:
• Store Formats
• Private Labels
• Awards and Recognition
• Financial and Operational Performance
• Key Employee Biographies
• Market Share of Key Players in Various Formats
• Investment Plan of Key Competitors

• This report is completely focused on The GAME Group’s operations and its performance in Australia.
• It provides details across a range of topics, including private labels, formats it operates, company strategy and latest developments.
• The report also provides essential context on the company’s competitive position by providing insight into the competitive environment and performance of the company relative to its rivals.

Reasons To Buy
Game Group Australia is a specialist retailer of video games and PC game products. In 2011, the company embarked on a store up gradation program that aimed to provide a new, enhanced gaming experience to customers.

Key Highlights
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Table of Contents
List of Tables
Table 1: Game Group Australia, Key Facts
Table 2: Game Group Australia, Key Employees
Table 3: Game Group, Key Employee Biographies
Table 4: Main Video Game Retailers in Australia
Table 5: Market Share of Main Video Game Retailers in Australia (%), 2010

List of Figures
Figure 1: Game Group Australia – Revenues (US$ Million), 2006–2010
Figure 2: Game Group Australia – Store Count, 2006–2010
Figure 3: Game Group Australia – Sales per Store (US$ Million), 2006–2010
Figure 4: Game Group Australia – Sales per Square Meters (US$), 2006–2010
Figure 5: Game Group Australia – Revenue per Employee (US$ ‘000), 2006–2010
Figure 6: Game Group Australia – Employee per thousand square meters, 2006–2010
Figure 7: Market Share of Main Video Game Retailers in Australia (%), 2010

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