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“Licensing Activity In Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry – Q3 2011” report is an essential source of data and trend analysis on licensing agreements in the pharmaceuticals industry. The report provides detailed information on licensing transactions registered in the pharmaceuticals industry in Q3 2011.

The report provides detailed comparative data on the number of deals and their value in the last five quarters segregated into upfront and milestone payments and total deal value. Data presented in this report is derived from GlobalData’s proprietary in-house Pharmaceuticals eTrack deals database and primary and secondary research. business market report

– Analysis of the licensing agreement trends for the pharmaceutical industry in the global arena.
– Review of licensing deal trends in the oncology, central nervous system, infectious disease, immunology, metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal, and respiratory segments.
– Analysis of licensing deals in the pharmaceutical industry.
– Analysis of therapy areas which are very active in terms of licensing agreements.
– Analysis of deals based on different payment modes, including upfront and milestone payments, in licensing agreements in the pharmaceutical industry.
– Analysis of licensing deals based on clinical stage of development of products.
– Geographies covered include – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South & Central America, and the Middle East & Africa.

Reasons to buy
– Enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner.
– Find out the major deal performing segments for investments in your industry.
– Evaluate the types of companies which are entering into licensing agreements.
– Evaluate niche therapy areas that are receiving majority of the upfront and milestone payments in the pharmaceutical industry.
– Evaluate the clinical development stages where majority of the licensing agreements are happening.
– Identify growth segments and opportunities in each region within the industry.

Table of Contents :
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2 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Global, Licensing Agreements, Q3 2011 3
2.1 Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Global, Licensing Agreements, Number of Deals, Upfront & Milestone Payments and Deal Values (US$ m), Q3 2010 – Q3 2011 3

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