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The report titled “Malaysia Medical Tourism Industry Outlook to 2015” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Malaysia Medical tourism industry covering in detail various aspects such as market size on the basis of number of foreign patients, revenue from foreign patients, market segmentation, competitive landscape and profiles of the major hospitals treating foreign patients in the country. The report also entails major drivers and growth barriers of medical tourism market. The future outlook along with projections and macro-economic factors has also been presented providing an insight on the prospects in the medical tourism industry.

Malaysia’s medical tourism industry has witnessed astounding growth in recent past. From 2001 to 2006, the number of foreign patients seeking healthcare services in Malaysia became ~ times from ~ patients to ~ patients. The large volume of patients in 2006 generated nearly USD ~ million in revenue. In 2008, the revenue per patient had grown to USD ~ . In 2010, the revenue per patient has risen to reach in the range of USD ~ to USD ~. business market research

The medical patients visit Malaysia for the treatment of dental treatment, aesthetics, and optometry and for many other treatment but most of the patients visit Malaysia for cardiovascular and orthopedic treatment. Most of the patients are middle aged people who visit Malaysia in order to save money on the treatment.

Malaysia is poised to achieve growth in the future in the medical tourism sector with mounting popularity of affordable quality healthcare treatments, increasing healthcare costs in urban nations and enriching experience of various exotic locations. The total revenue from foreign patients in the country is expected to grow at a 5 year CAGR of ~% from 2010 to 2015.

The total revenue from international patients will rise to USD ~ million in 2011 from USD ~ million in 2010. It will cross the benchmark of USD ~ million by 2014 when the market is estimated to generate USD ~ million of foreign exchange. Overall, the total revenue from international patients will grow at an expected CAGR of ~% to reach USD ~ million by 2015.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:
* Number of Foreign Patients and Revenue from Foreign Patients, 2005-2010
* Foreign Patients by Nationality, 2010
* Major Drivers and Growth Barriers of Medical Tourism in Malaysia
* Competitive Landscape of top hospitals treating foreign patients, 2010
* Future Outlook along with future projections on number of foreign patients treated in the country along with the receipts, 2011-2015
* Historical and Projections of Industry Factors including Number of Tourist Arrivals and Receipts, Number of Hospitals, Medical Centers and Clinics along with beds, Inpatients and Outpatients Admissions, Registered Health Personnel and Healthcare Expenditure, 2005-2015

Table of Contents :
1. Medical Tourism in Malaysia – An Overview
2. Medical Tourism Value Chain in Malaysia
3. Total Foreign Patients Treated and Foreign Patients Revenue in Malaysia, 2005-2010
4. Medical Tourism Treatment Cost Comparison, 2010
5. Foreign Patients by Nationality, 2010
6. Competitive Landscape of 35 Private Hospitals Endorsed for International Medical Tourism by Ministry of Health, 2009
7. Major Drivers and Growth Barriers
8. Malaysia Medical Tourism Future Outlook and Projections
8.1. Expected Foreign Patients and Foreign Patients Revenue, 2011-2015
9. Medical Tourism Industry Factors: Historical and Projections
9.1. Total Foreign Tourist Arrivals and Tourism Receipts in Malaysia, 2005-2015
9.2. Total Number of Hospitals and Hospital Beds in Malaysia, 2005-2015

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