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Drug Delivery Systems to 2015

US demand to rise 7.2% annually through 2015
US demand for drug delivery products is forecast to expand 7.2 percent annually to $133 billion in 2015. The best growth opportunities will emerge in specialized pharmaceutical formulations and administration devices that advance the nature of therapy for autoimmune conditions, cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders and other debilitating health problems. Included in this group are human monoclonal antibodies, polymer encapsulated nanomedicines and transdermal patches for breakthrough pain management. Infusion products and parenteral delivery devices with improved safety, infection prevention and ease-of-use features will also fare well in the marketplace. Among these devices are retractable syringes, needleless injectors, premixed IV systems and smart infusion pumps. Based on the complex nature of therapy and the high frequency of dosing requirements, central nervous system, respiratory and hormonal indications will command the largest and fastest growth by drug delivery products.

Chewable and orally disintegrating tablets to see good growth
Demand for oral drug delivery products will increase 4.3 percent annually to over $52 billion in 2015. Controlled-release formulations will command the largest share of sales, but will lose some growth momentum due to patent expirations on several large-selling sustained-release therapies. Chewable and orally disintegrating tablets, nanoparticulate medicines and transmucosal therapies will realize faster growth in demand spurred by new product introductions and the high valueadded nature of indications served.

Monoclonal antibodies to pace parenteral products
Demand for parenteral drug delivery products will reach $54.7 billion in 2015, up eleven percent annually from 2015. Monoclonal antibodies will lead gains as advances in biotechnologies contribute new and improved therapies for autoimmune disorders, cancer and various rate debilitating diseases. Polymer-encapsulated medicines will also see fast rising demand based on contributions to the improved bioavailality and reduced toxicity of advanced parenteral compounds. Safety-engineered prefillable syringes and IV catheters, along with bag/ vial infusion systems, will command the best growth opportunities among parenteral infusion products and delivery devices due largely to infection prevention advantages.

Patches to lead gains among other drug delivery systems
Other drug delivery products will post demand of $26.1 billion in 2015, up 6.6 percent annually from 2010. Prefilled dry powder and metered dose inhalers will retain the largest share of sales, spurred largely upward trends in prevalence of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Less favorably, growth opportunities for these devices will decelerate as patent expirations open up several widely prescribed inhalation therapies, including sales leader ADVAIR, to generic competition. Led by new next-generation drug-eluting stents with thinner struts and enhanced safety profiles, implantable drug delivery systems will generate rebounding demand in angioplasty procedures, reversing a recent sharp sales drop. Transdermal patches will realize the fastest growth among other drug delivery systems as new therapies for breakthrough pain and various central nervous system disorders replace less effective oral medicines.

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