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Failed launches.
It sounds a bit harsh, yet when it comes to new product launches, that has increasingly been the pharmaceutical industry’s experience since the recession.

A tighter economic climate, shifting dynamics from prescribers to payers and increased generic competition have all meant that not only are there fewer pipeline drugs, there are fewer successful product launches. And those that do launch are not sufficient to contribute to market growth or even replace revenue from off-patent drugs. market to market

Report Overview
In Pharma Product Launches: Strategies for Success, FirstWord looks at how successful launch strategies can place pharmaceutical companies in a strong position, despite the weak market. The report, based on expert interviews and case studies, explains how and when to initiate launch planning and stakeholder engagement, the importance of creating pre-launch awareness and the importance of product differentiation. In careful detail, the report outlines the key elements of launch programs and highlights the opportunities—and challenges—that the industry faces in launching a new drug in primary care and specialty markets.

Key features
* Overview of the changing pharmaceutical landscape and how challenges will affect future product launches
* Breakdown on initiating launch planning and successfully implementing launch strategies
* Discussion of the importance product differentiation
* Case studies detailing product launches for both primary care and specialist markets

Key Benefits
* Detailed outline of the key elements of launch programs
* Expert insight into how and when a successful launch planning should be initiated
* Case studies on successful and failed product launches

Key Questions Asked
* What are the key challenges in the ‘launch space’?
* Despite shrinking launch options, what are the windows of opportunity?
* What are the six pitfalls of product launch strategies?
* What are the roles of the cross-functional team and engaged stakeholders?
* How medical affairs are playing an increasingly important role in product launches?

Who Should Read This Report
* Product launch teams
* Marketing and brand management
* Medical affairs
* Consultants

Expert Views
* Doug Moore, Life Sciences Marketing and Sales Consulting Leader, Capgemini
* Thomas Forissier, Principal at Capgemini Consulting

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