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This annual report offers a wealth of information on the global digital TV, IPTV, Web TV and Mobile TV sectors. The report includes analyses, statistics and trends and explores the incredible changes experienced by the television broadcasting industry over the past couple of years; including the competitive and challenging market conditions combined with advances in technology. The report provides valuable insight into the key trends occurring worldwide and unique case studies from around the world, written by BuddeComm’s Senior Analysts.

Subjects covered include:
* Key Global Trends for Digital; Pay TV and Home Theatres;
* Key Global IPTV and Smart TV Trends;
* Key Trends for Online Video and Web TV;
* Global Mobile TV Trends;
* Key Triple and Quad Play Trends;
* Broadcasting case studies from around the world.
* market to market

Researchers:- Kylie Wansink, Paul Budde, Lawrence Baker, Lucia Bibolini, Peter Evans, Lisa Hulme-Jones, Paul Kwon, Henry Lancaster, Peter Lange, Stephen McNamara.

Executive Summary
Intense competition as technology advancements impact upon TV broadcasting

We are now starting to see the more widespread availability of digital TV and this has revealed a clear point of difference between the strategic directions being taken by the telecoms and broadcasting industries. Less emphasis is being placed by the broadcasters on the Internet-based opportunities and more on adding TV-based entertainment to their offerings. They do have access to good quality entertainment, which is protected through rights and royalties, and this helps them to withstand the tsunami of technology which is undermining their business model.

At this stage the effort of the broadcasting industry is clearly focussed on digital TV – but they also aware that there is a continuing shift towards Internet-based TV. Initially broadcasters feared the impact of DVR with its ad skipping capabilities and now it is to a worry that viewers will move away from traditional TV entirely in favour of Internet TV. These pressures will impact upon the broadcasters cost margins, as it will force them to pour more money into programming and marketing.

There is currently much attention on TV sets becoming Internet enabled with multiple function screens. Known as Smart TVs, these new Consumer Electronics (CE) devices are fast becoming the focus for home media centres with some already able to stream movies and content straight from the Internet and allow access to real-time data and interactive services. It is predicted that these TVs will soon rise sharply in popularity and rival the gaming consoles which currently offer this type of Internet accessibility.

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