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Indian Wine Industry Analysis

India has emerged as a country which has an immense potential for the wine industry at the global front. Despite having a vast population of around 1.2 Billion, the consumption of wine in India remains comparatively low as against other Asian countries. The low per capita consumption level of wine indicates a huge untapped market with an immense growth potential. Changing lifestyle and drinking habits are expected to give a push to the Indian wine industry.

According to our latest research report “Indian Wine Industry Analysis”, the wine consumption volume in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 25% during 2011-2014. The major factors responsible for the Indian wine market’s growth are increasing disposable income, wine tourism, wine clubs & festivals and growing preference of women for wine.

Our research indicates that the premium wine segment is dominated by imported wine which is heavily priced due to high custom duties and import tariffs. However, domestic wine still holds the majority share in the total consumption as it is affordable. With a view to catering to the growing demand for foreign wines and attracting new customers, local players are including affordable imported wines in their portfolios. market research report

Presenting an insight into India’s wine consumption in terms of domestically and imported wines, price structure, product segmentation, and major wine consuming areas, the study also discusses wine production in context of major wine producing areas, leading wineries in India, wine imports and exports.

Our report finds and analyzes the factors which are critical to the success of the Indian wine industry. Profiles of key players in the wine market have also been included in it. It throws light on the emerging industry trends, and finds out which are the market constraints and how do they affect the market performance. The forecasts for wine consumption and overall market provided in the research would help clients understand the Indian wine industry and its prospects.

List of Figures:
Figure 3-1: Wine Market (Billion INR), 2009-2014
Figure 4-1: Wine Production (Million Liter), 2007-2011
Figure 4-2: Per Capita Wine Consumption by Country (Liter), 2008
Figure 4-3: Wine Consumption (Million Liter), 2009-2014
Figure 4-4: Share of Wine Consumption by Type (2010)
Figure 4-5: Domestic and Imported Wine Consumption (Million Liter), 2009 & 2014
Figure 4-6: Share of States in Wine Consumption
Figure 4-7: Domestic and Imported Wine Consumption by Price Structure (Million Liter), 2011
Figure 4-8: Wine Market by Distribution Channel (%), 2010
Figure 4-9: Wine Imports (Million INR), 2008-09 to 2010-11
Figure 4-10: Wine Imports by Type (%), 2010-11
Figure 4-11: Wine Imports by Country (%), 2010-11
Figure 4-12: Wine Exports (Million INR) 2008-09 to 2010-11
Figure 4-13: Wine Exports by Country (%), 2010-11
Figure 7-1: Population by Age Group (%), 2011
Figure 7-2: Population by Rural/Urban Divide (%), 2011
Figure 7-3: Wine Consumption Place (%)
Figure 7-4: Key Home Consumption Occasions (%)
Figure 7-5: Key Out of Home Consumption Occasions (%)

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