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Two-wheeler Market in India

Automobile, being the leader in product and process technologies of the manufacturing sector, has been recognized as one of the major drivers of economic growth. The Indian economy has been growing around 8% for the past few years. This growth has enabled an overall change in the social status of the Indian population. Additionally, every year, many rural areas and Tier-III cities are progressing to a higher status, opening immense growth opportunities for the two- wheeler industry.

The two-wheeler market has emerged as the most vibrant and transforming segment of the overall Indian automobile industry, witnessing an unprecedented growth. Rising rural demand and fuel efficiency are among the major factors boosting the growth in the market. Despite the economic slowdown, the Indian automobile industry has been performing consistently well, compared to other major markets of the world. The Indian two-wheeler market possesses a significant potential, and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 11% during FY 2011- 2015 to reach 17.8 Million Units by FY 2015-end.

Our report has studied the Indian two-wheeler market from various perspectives. It entails a detailed analysis of the market in terms of segments. Each section sufficiently explains the current and future market trends, and the ongoing developments in the Indian two-wheeler market. Our research also foresees immense opportunities for various international and domestic players in this segment. market research reports

The report has also considered the preferences by gender, and income levels as part of macro-economic indicators to understand this market of India, which is one of the world’s leading two-wheeler exporters.

Our report, “Two Wheeler Market in India”, has comprehensively analyzed the emerging trends, like reviving of scooter segment and shooting demand for executive and premium segment bikes in two wheeler markets, which are expected to prevail in near future. Our proposition in this report is likely to facilitate clients in understanding the present and future outlook of the two wheeler market and developments in the country. Further, we have also evaluated various government regulations and initiatives that will provide the prerequisite boost to the two wheeler market in India, and facilitate cutting-edge market intelligence to intending clients while making investment decisions.

List of Figures
Figure 3-1: Automobile Sales (Million Units), FY 2008 to FY 2011
Figure 3-2: Automobile Sales by Segment (%), FY 2011
Figure 4-1: Real GDP Growth (%), 2010-2015
Figure 4-2: Per Head Disposable Income (US$), 2010-2015
Figure 5-1: Two-wheeler Sales (Million Units), FY 2010 to FY 2015
Figure 5-2: Two-wheeler Market by Segment (%), FY 2011
Figure 5-3: Motorcycles Sales (‘000 Units), FY 2010 to FY 2015
Figure 5-4: Motorcycle Sales by Segment (%), FY 2011
Figure 5-5: Motorcycles Sales by Player (%), FY 2011
Figure 5-6: Scooter Sales (‘000 Units), FY 2010 to FY 2015
Figure 5-7: Scooter Sales by Player (%), FY 2011
Figure 5-8: Moped Sales (‘000 Units), FY 2010 to FY 2015
Figure 6-1: Two-wheeler Exports (‘000 Units), FY 2010 to FY 2015
Figure 6-2: Two-wheeler Exports by Segment (%), FY 2011
Figure 6-3: Two-wheeler Exports by Player (%), FY 2011

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