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Used Car Market in India

India represents one of the world’s largest car markets. Easy availability of finance, and rising income levels are encouraging the launch of new car models which have been leading to a stupendous growth of the industry for the past few years. Besides, the entry of various international players has also had a positive impact on the used car market. Thus, the demand for used cars is anticipated to continue to grow at a stupendous rate in the future, according to our latest report, “Used Car Market in India”.

According to the latest study on the sector, the Indian used car industry possesses a significant potential, with overall market expected to grow at a CAGR of around 22% during 2011-2014 to reach 3.9 Million Units by 2014-end. The report discusses those factors in detail which will drive the used car market’s growth during the forecast period.

Our research highlights that the organized sector has been offering certified used vehicles at competitive rates, along with finance and insurance options, warranties and service guarantees, and the tide is expected to gradually turn into the favor of this sector. As the demand for pre-owned vehicles continues to outstrip the supply, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have been witnessing a huge opportunity in the business. However, the current encouraging trend is likely to attract more companies into this fast-growing business. market research reports

The report covers various aspects of the Indian used car market. It presents a detailed analysis of the market, in terms of segments. While the small car segment has been growing phenomenally, other segments also show a significant potential. Each section in the report provides a brief explanation of the current and future market trends, and developments in the Indian used car market. Our research foresees immense opportunities for various domestic and international players, like Maruti True Value, Mahindra First Choice, Hyundai Advantage etc.

Our report, “Used Car Market in India” comprehensively analyzed the emerging trends, like online portal and the growing demand for used luxury cars. The online portals are gaining popularity as customers can comfortably choose a car according to their requirements on a single click. The report also evaluates various strategies which will boost the used car market’s growth in India. This will provide cutting-edge market intelligence to the clients, and help them make sound investment decisions.

List of Figures:
Figure 3-1: Used Car Sales (Million Units), 2010-2014
Figure 3-2: Small Car Sales in Used Car Category (‘000 Units), 2010-2014
Figure 3-3: Mid-size Car Sales in Used Car Category (‘000 Units), 2010-2014
Figure 3-4: Luxury Car Sales in Used Car Category (‘000 Units), 2010-2014
Figure 3-5: Share of Organized and Unorganized Market in Used Car Sales (2010)
Figure 3-6: Forecast for Share of Organized and Unorganized Market in Used Car Sales (2014)
Figure 4-1: Per Head Disposable Income (US$), 2010-2014

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