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Manufacturers of food processing machineries are facing a rapidly changing and highly demanding competitive environment. The food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and personal care industries that purchase most food processing and packaging machineries have globalized their supply chains—not just for finished products, but for the capital equipment they use to produce these products. As a result, US manufacturers of food processing and packaging machinery are being driven more than ever to offer broader selections of products, at lower costs, and supplement them with a higher level of value-added engineering, design, and other services.

According to our new research report, “US Food Processing Machinery Market”, the US food processing machinery market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 5% during 2009-2014. Economic recovery, rising food and beverage shipments, acceleration in non residential fixed investments, new product introductions, growth in food and beverage production, as well as the need for related machinery and rising consumer spending will drive the industry towards a stupendous growth.

Our thorough study of the industry indicates that the US food processing machinery market has witnessed a number of product launches and collaborations over the past few years. The main focus of the companies has been towards introducing effective and quality products in the market so that it gains a worldwide acceptance. business market research

On the competitive front, the US food processing equipment industry is composed of a variety of producers, ranging from small, privately held firms that manufacture one or a few types of machinery to large multinational corporations that offer a variety of equipment types and allied services such as retrofitting and process line engineering.

However, our research report also presents extensive information and rational analysis of the US food processing machinery market with a special focus on current market drivers and trends, industrial developments, and competitive landscapes to enable clients understand the market structure and its progress in the coming years. Moreover, it provides an insight into different food processing segments in the US along with an analysis of existing and new products to present an overview of the developments taking place in the US food processing machinery market.

List of Figures:
Figure 5-1: Food Processing Machinery Demand (Billion US$), 2009 & 2014
Figure 5-2: Food Processing Machinery Exports (Million US$), 2004 & 2009
Figure 5-3: Food Processing Machinery Imports (Million US$), 2004 & 2009
Figure 6-1: Meat & Poultry Production (Billion Pounds), 2009 & 2010
Figure 6-2: Breakup of Meat Consumption (%), 2010

List of Tables:
Table 6-1: Number of Meat and Poultry Processed (Million), 2009
Table 7-1: Key Food Processing Equipments by Processes
Table 8-1: Recent Product Launches (2010 & 2011)

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